Monthly Archives: May 2013

Dear feet,

I’ve never minded having tiny feet. I actually liked saying I wear 6.5 and was quite proud of myself when I found little girl shoes that fit when I frantically searched for patent leather Mary Jane’s one Halloween. However, baby Moses must not like my shoe size because he/she is hell bent on making me at least at 7.5 until arrival.

The fact that the swelling alone fits that size is enough for me to go barefoot for the next two months than try to squeeze them into my already established shoe collection.



Don’t even get me started on the previous body part I used to call my ankles. We’ll see how big those get in the coming weeks.




Dear Peyton,

I want to thank you for giving me the greatest job I’ll ever have. Being your mom.

This past mother’s day I stepped back from the numerous Facebook posts from friends who had elaborate breakfasts in bed to spa days and just watched my little baby, who isn’t a little baby anymore. I watched him play with his tool bench, I watched him read his books, I watched him run around the park and climb up and down stairs. i just watched in amazement of how much he’s become a little boy.

You have grown up so much in your short 20 months and each day I can see more and more of your personality peaking through. Your stubborn streak when you refuse to listen or eat dinner without throwing a fit. I hate to say but I think some of that stubbornness comes from me. Or your sneakiness when you think we aren’t looking and grab another cookie. You think we can’t see you if you turn your head but we can. Or my favorite trait of all, your sweet and lovingness towards your daddy and me. You are so so excited when we pick you up from daycare and you give the tightest goodnight hugs and sweetest kisses before snuggling with your Elmo stuffed animal. Even if you don’t say ‘love you’ on a regular basis, just hearing it once in awhile is worth it.

You are an amazing little boy and I can’t wait for you to be an amazing big brother. You will always be my first and I know we have such a special bond. Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me be your mom.

I love you so much P-Pod! I’ll take your popsicle stick picture frame any day over a heart shaped pancake.