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Dear Mallory Carrington,

Well, well, well! You have officially been a part of our family for exactly two weeks and I still can’t believe it. A little girl. I’m still in disbelief that I have a little girl. And it’s true, my heart has grown tremendously since July 11 at 7:45 a.m.

Yes, that’s right Mallory. You arrived on your own schedule, on your own, on your due date. I had fully anticipated being in labor more than 24 hours and you not arriving until the weekend after I posted about being pregnant for way too long. A few hours after posting I started having some pressure and pains in my lower stomach. I didn’t think anything of it and headed to bed. I was excited for the next day because I was going to sleep in, grandma and grandpa had just arrived from New York to watch Peyton, clean up the house, make sure the hospital bag was packed and then have lunch at one of my favorite deli’s. Then daddy and I were heading to the hospital that night to start your induction. But you had other plans starting at 2:30 a.m.

For the last few weeks of the pregnancy, I’ve been scared that I would wake up in the middle of the night to my water breaking. I was so paranoid that every time I felt like I had to pee I would run to our bathroom to try not to ruin our bed sheets. Because of this I didn’t realize the sporadic pain was contractions not just the urge to pee, even though I did pee every single time i got up. For the next two hours, I was up from bed every 10-15 minutes. After finally timing them, I knew something was happening for real. I really wanted to wait until Peyton woke up at 6:30 a.m. so that I could say goodbye but the pain was coming much quicker and much more intense.

Finally at 4:30 a.m. I decided to wake up daddy. The 10 minute drive to the hospital felt much longer as contractions were now about five minutes a part. I was hurried by wheelchair into a room and I don’t think I could have asked for an epidural any quicker than I did. The nurse reassured me that I was in fact in labor and I was already five centimeters dilated. I was shocked because I hadn’t started to progress on my own at all two days before at my last doctors appointment. And I hadn’t progressed at all without pitocin the first time around with Peyton.

I wanted to make sure I could still get an epidural before it was too late and the nurse indicated that the anesthesiologist was extremely busy and he only had small time frame for me, so short that I had to refrain from peeing one last time, which I can tell you was not fun. But the pain and contractions were so strong at that point that I needed that numbing drug more than relieving myself.

Once it was in, I felt much better and the rest of the labor was easy peazy, Mal. Daddy and I then just hung out in the room and waited until the 7 a.m. shift change. At about 7:20 a.m. my water broke after a single cough and apparently you started to arrive at that point as well. The doctor (not mine because she didn’t make it in time) and the nurse instructed me not to cough or push until the room was set up. Once it was ready, it only took 15 minutes and three pushes before we met you.

At 7:45 a.m. on Thursday, July 11 you arrived weighing just 6 pounds 5 ounces and were 19 inches long. When the doctor told us you were a girl, we didn’t believe it. Your daddy and I were convinced you were a boy and we would be adding another car loving member to our family.


DSC_0913DSC_1008 DSC_0992


But we loved you immediately and your daddy loved having a girl the minute he looked at you. I have a feeling he’s going to have a hard time letting you go when you get older. Mal, he’s already wrapped around your tiny little fingers. Not only will you have daddy looking out for you but your big brother Peyton. In just 14 days, he absolutely adores his ‘baby sister’ and I have lost count on how many kisses he gives you. He even shares his cars with you and let me tell you, that’s a big deal. We only had one mishap so far with your head and a race car and army truck. I don’t think he meant it but you were tough and I have a feeling that won’t be the only bump you receive because of your big brother.

So Mallory Carrington, after only a short time, you have stolen my heart. I cannot wait to see what you bring to our new family of four.


I love you.




Dear week 40, day 280,

I really didn’t think Thursday, July 11 would come and I still wouldn’t be able to see my toes. Or that I would still would be feeling kicks and punches in my belly instead of holding a little baby in my arms. I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me I would go until my due date and possibly longer.

Peyton was born at 39 weeks exactly so this 40 week business is new. Aren’t second babies supposed to come early? I have stopped believing every old wives tale or pregnancy prediction thus far. If a reflexologist, Mexican food, pedicures, walking, a car accident or very close fireworks don’t get Moses moving then all of those stories are just that, stories from moms who happen to go into labor after doing one of these things. Thanks for the tips friends, and strangers, who assure me walking up stairs will induce labor. I think I’ll let my doctor tell me when it’s go time.

But baby Moses, today is not only your official due date but it’s the start of your eviction. Daddy and I are headed to the hospital tonight to get the process started. You will be entering the word with a little push and kick start from the lovely drug Pitocin. I would love if you decided that was unnecessary to make an entrance but based on the previous few weeks I think I’ll need an extra dose to get you moving.

So this time next year, a few extra weeks for you to cook will seem like nothing. Maybe you are as sweet as your big brother and wanted him to have a little extra time as an only child and to be spoiled with attention before you arrived. Maybe July 12 was always the day you wanted as your birthday. Let’s just make sure it’s not July 13 or 14. Emotionally I’m not sure if I’m ready for two or how Moses will impact our tight family dynamic of three but physically I’m ready to be more comfortable. I’m ready for the pregnancy pains to go away and the occasional pee every time I sneeze or cough. Moses, that’s not fun, trust me.

So next time I write I will either have two little boys or a little boy and little girl who will call me mom. I’m pretty sure my heart size will have doubled and most likely so will my chest but those feet and cankles will surely decrease soon.

Here’s to 40 weeks and to 10 months of pregnancy! Now if only hubs can have a big glass of red wine ready when you arrive, I’ll be a happy camper.



Dear beige colored sedan,

I know you couldn’t tell the driver to your right was nine months-plus pregnant, actually 38 weeks, 6 days to be exact. I know you couldn’t tell that my increasing belly is uncomfortable with the seat belt pressed against it. I know you couldn’t tell that I was having a stressful afternoon at my job and stressing that this baby was going to make an appearance while his/her daddy was away on business for the night. I know you couldn’t tell any of this or hear my horn because you didn’t see that four-door white car, driven by the blonde at 5 p.m. on interstate 95 at all!

Last nights commute home was the scariest that I’ve ever experienced thanks to you. And thanks to you for not stopping. I saw you put on your brakes when I landed against the guard rail but then keep going. I only saw you long enough to give a vague vehicle description to the insurance company.

I’m just thankful there was no car immediately to my right as I flew out of control into that lane and back while trying to make my way to the right hand side of the road. I’m thankful it was just me in the car (well plus Moses in utero) and I hadn’t picked up Peyton yet. I’m thankful the damage on the surface isn’t that bad. The impact to the guard rail alone seemed much more jarring and well as the emotional shake up afterwards to me.

But a few deep breaths to keep Moses in tact and a relaxing evening with cartoons and Peyton helped ease my mind. He was especially loving to his sore mamma.

And wouldn’t you know Moses stayed in tact overnight and hubs will be back in the same zip code in just a few hours. One crisis averted.

I know one thing is for sure though. If a car accident won’t send Moses heading for the exit, I’m not sure what will. I’m thinking I have a very stubborn little person in there waiting to test my limits for the next 20 plus years.

After further inspection of my car this morning, you did hit me and I wasn’t going crazy how my car just instantly became out of control by my own account. I did learn how to driveĀ  during an upstate NY winter and know how to get off of ice safety, thankyouverymuch! I hope you have some white marks from my car as well to remember me.

If I do go into labor today or tomorrow, this will be the story to tell Moses. Peyton already has a story how the earth literally shook upon his arrival. I guess his brother or sister wants something similar.

Sincerely (and sore),