Dear week 40, day 280,

I really didn’t think Thursday, July 11 would come and I still wouldn’t be able to see my toes. Or that I would still would be feeling kicks and punches in my belly instead of holding a little baby in my arms. I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me I would go until my due date and possibly longer.

Peyton was born at 39 weeks exactly so this 40 week business is new. Aren’t second babies supposed to come early? I have stopped believing every old wives tale or pregnancy prediction thus far. If a reflexologist, Mexican food, pedicures, walking, a car accident or very close fireworks don’t get Moses moving then all of those stories are just that, stories from moms who happen to go into labor after doing one of these things. Thanks for the tips friends, and strangers, who assure me walking up stairs will induce labor. I think I’ll let my doctor tell me when it’s go time.

But baby Moses, today is not only your official due date but it’s the start of your eviction. Daddy and I are headed to the hospital tonight to get the process started. You will be entering the word with a little push and kick start from the lovely drug Pitocin. I would love if you decided that was unnecessary to make an entrance but based on the previous few weeks I think I’ll need an extra dose to get you moving.

So this time next year, a few extra weeks for you to cook will seem like nothing. Maybe you are as sweet as your big brother and wanted him to have a little extra time as an only child and to be spoiled with attention before you arrived. Maybe July 12 was always the day you wanted as your birthday. Let’s just make sure it’s not July 13 or 14. Emotionally I’m not sure if I’m ready for two or how Moses will impact our tight family dynamic of three but physically I’m ready to be more comfortable. I’m ready for the pregnancy pains to go away and the occasional pee every time I sneeze or cough. Moses, that’s not fun, trust me.

So next time I write I will either have two little boys or a little boy and little girl who will call me mom. I’m pretty sure my heart size will have doubled and most likely so will my chest but those feet and cankles will surely decrease soon.

Here’s to 40 weeks and to 10 months of pregnancy! Now if only hubs can have a big glass of red wine ready when you arrive, I’ll be a happy camper.




One thought on “Dear week 40, day 280,

  1. This is FABULOUS!!! You are a great writer Kel – I’m really glad that your little baby is finally here! I bet you are too. So happy for you guys. Keep blogging. I’m really enjoying reading your posts! Love you!

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