Dear my one-month-old,

In an instant, my precious little Mallory hit your first milestone (and so did the rest of us). You are now officially one-month-old. Hubs and I have made it through the first month as parents to two children under that age of two! And I must admit, we’ve done a great job thus far, including Peyton. He adores his baby sister some days and could care less others. His cars and trucks sometimes takes priority over you.

But not to worry those cars and trucks don’t for me. Little Mallory, you are wonderful and just a blessing to our family. I know we are still in the newborn phase but I also know it won’t be that way for long. Before I know it, you’ll be three months, then six, then a year, then sneaking out of the house in clothes that your father wouldn’t approve of. In just one week you look so much older to me. Time, please slow down and please don’t get big too fast. Some of your newborn clothes are becoming a little too tight for comfort and we are going to have to retire them to the attic pretty soon.

You are just starting to smile and I don’t care if it’s just gas, I’ll take it and tell you later that you smiled at just three weeks old. Speaking of gas, girl you are stinky and loud! You’ll be embarrassed later that you mamma is talking about it, but it’s worth mentioning. You can clear a room with that diaper and sometimes just the gas alone makes me run to change you only to realize there is nothing there. Your little tummy has been very upset lately though and that’s caused many, many hours of crying and screaming. Trust me, your mommy and daddy want to take away that pain for you if we could. You pouty lips and sad faces break our hearts.

Everyone always asks how you are sleeping and how tired we are. Well little one, I don’t want to jinx anything but you are a good sleeper at night, only getting up once and at the most twice. That is much different than your brother who was up all the time and so angry each time. You wake up and eat and then typically go back to sleep so peacefully. I hope this continues but really it’s only been a month so who knows what could change.

So let’s slow down a bit, shall we. Please continue to furrow your brow at me throughout the day when you don’t like something or when we forced you to go to Wal-Mart for the first time. Trust me Mal, we didn’t like that either but we just needed to pick something up that we ordered for your brother. And speaking of your brother. He loves you so so much. He constantly wants to give you kisses and share his toys with you. Please realize that he doesn’t quite understand that you don’t want his cars on your head or that your body isn’t his race track. He’ll learn soon enough just how delicate you are but in the meantime, he’s roughing you up a bit. One thing is for sure is that we love having you in our family and I love not being outnumbered with your dad and brother.

Here’s to month two, where you will experience so many other firsts, including your first long car ride to New York to visit all of mommy’s family. Most likely you’ll also visit your first winery on that trip and your first experience of the Finger Lakes. I’ll warn you now that the water will probably be cold but it’s beautiful and you’ll love taking yearly summer trips there throughout your childhood.

My dear, dear Mallory, Mal, Mally and Mal Pal, I can’t wait to watch you grow and see how our family adjusts even more in the weeks and months to come. You are wonderful and I love you so much.





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