Dear my two-year-old,

It’s hard to believe this was you on Aug. 23, 2011 and we just celebrated your second birthday!


My sweet, sweet Peyton, where did these last two years go? I think back that they’ve gone by so quickly but then I think about how much has changed during that time with you and with our family.

I look back at your newborn pictures and I hardly recognize that little one. You look so different now. Your eyes aren’t blue anymore but a greenish/hazel, just like your daddy. Your hair is getting lighter and your eyebrows are still hardly visible, another daddy trait. Actually the older you get, the more you look like daddy. There is no denying you are his and I love that he has a little mini me running around. You are still petite, just like you were the Tuesday when you arrived at just 6 pounds 9 ounces, but you are strong. The doctor said even though your size has always been in the lower percentile you are solid and I’m reminded of that every time I lift you up. Those 25 pounds feel so heavy.

Since having your sister around, you look even bigger to me. A bigger body and just a bigger boy who is now completing sentences, using his manners, testing his independence, scrapping his knees at least once a day and always, always snuggling with me first thing in the morning.

The best part of my days are when you are playing independently while I feed your sister and you stop and come running just to hug my leg and say ‘hi.’ Those hugs, while all your hugs, are so heartfelt and it feels like you squeeze with everything you have! I know those days won’t last forever and pretty soon I’ll be the mom dropping you off at school begging for a hug or a kiss before you jump out of the car.

– Yes, Peyton I’m saying it now. I’m going to be the annoying mom who loves on her son, in public. I apologize now for embarrassing you but I’m warning you too.

I am so blessed that I will get 12 weeks with you at home everyday and not going to work. I have loved every minute and even those trying days when I count down the minutes to your nap time so I can get a breather are worth it.

We celebrated your second birthday with all the things you love. Pancakes and strawberries for breakfast, a play date with your best friend at the park, mac and cheese for lunch, spaghetti for dinner and a movie night watching a new Cars movie with your new favorite snack, popcorn.  You got a new train table that you already adore! Most of your days are spent around that table running all your toys with wheels up and down the hills.

The day was perfect and we sang to you when the clock turned 4:28 p.m. Daddy even made sure to be home from work.



Peyton, you are wonderful and these last two years have been so rewarding and fulfilling. I have loved watching you grow into the little boy you are becoming. Here’s to year three and probably so many more changes. As long as the snuggles and hugs don’t end yet, I’m ok with what’s to come.

I love you so much P-Pod,



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